Group of students completing Unboxed Treasure Hunt

Students won't just need an understanding of STEM concepts in their future careers, they will need to be able to apply those concepts to real-world scenarios and work as part of a team to solve problems.

That's where Unboxed™ comes in...

What is Unboxed™?

Progressive Scenario-Based Puzzles

Challenges put students in role-playing scenarios with objectives like navigating an asteroid belt, communicating with aliens, and fixing technical issues with their ship in the Galaxy theme, and decoding binary, creating circuits, and using UV lights as undercover agents in the CIA theme.  

Series of tables with Unboxed kits on them with Christmas tree in background

Self-Contained for Scalability

From individual classrooms to a gym filled with tables, Unboxed™ challenges kits are self-contained allowing us to scale events to impact as many students as possible.

Designed for Diverse Skillsets

Each theme is carefully designed to allow students with different strengths to each contribute in meaningful ways. 

The "Out-of-the-Box" Outreach Students Need

Unboxed™ challenges are the engaging, hands-on activities students need, reinforcing concepts they are learning in the classroom while shaking up the day-to-day and developing critical skills for their futures.

"I'm still mind-blown.  I believe it gives students confidence in their own skills & abilities.  It also opens the doors for new career options.  It also enhanced and challenged their critical thinking."- Teacher, Southeastern High School

100% of teachers would recommend Unboxed Challenges
97% of students better understood the importance of interpersonal skills
97% of students had fun participating in their challenge

Unboxed™ challenges emphasize the skills students need for their future careers. 

The World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs 2020 report outlined the top ten skills of 2025, which unsurprisingly included problem-solving, leadership and social influence, flexibility, and resilience.  Due to pandemic-related educational disruptions, students are falling behind in developing these interpersonal skills because remote learning and social distancing results in less engagement with their peers. Unboxed™ challenges are filled with opportunities to practice and develop these critical interpersonal skills. 

Let's Connect

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